Hormonal health, longevity, wellness after 40.
Hormonal health, longevity, wellness after 40.
Hormonal health, longevity, wellness after 40.
Hormonal health, longevity, wellness after 40.


I have slowed things down a bit and I feel so much better! And I think I look healthier - less wrung out, more hydrated, less stressed and more energetic at the end of the day. I have been thinking A LOT on how I want to exercise in my 50's and beyond. What will I be able to do every day if I feel like it? What will leave me feeling energised versus exhausted?

As I still run and power walk for cardio health and the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors, I want to make sure that my joints are well supported and cared for. I've always used booty bands and I find them so good to grab for a short strength workout that brings attention to areas of your body that might be losing strength or are compromised from over-training.

This lower body booty band workout is just 15 minutes and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone workout OR after a jog or walk. We need to switch on our glutes to maintain strength at the hips and ensure proper knee alignment. In the long term, this will help us with injury prevention and we get to continue with those runs and hikes! Sounds worth it right?

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If you’ve had a chance to listen to EPISODE ONE: Hormones and Sleep with Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD you’ll know how much our hormones can mess with our sleep. Here’s a simple 15 minute yoga practice to help you wind down and reset your body before bed. Enjoy!

Sleep Yoga – 15 minutes

Dance Like Everybody is Watching!

Inspired by Princess Zatashah's PODCAST interview, I've been thinking about things that make my heart sing. So many things - my family, my friends, warm weather and beaches, music, nice wine, the hairdressers, reading in the sun, walks with my podcasts, time alone thinking, yoga and DANCE!

I started dance from a young age and continued right up until I left university. My after school hours were spent in the dance studio. My weekends were spent on stage. I even had a nightmare once that I broke my legs and the surgeon told me I would never dance again! Dramatic much! I was hovering on pursuing a career in dance but chose OPTION B - physical education. But my dance journey wasn't finished. I started to teach dance style workouts and continue even today!

I still love to dance. I crave it. The beat of the music and the way my body responds. The endorphins. The smile that you can't wipe from my face. Whether it's teaching a barre class to my favourite playlist or hitting the dance floor with my girlfriends, dance will always be a part of me. It ages with me and reminds me that my soul finds joy in movement to music. What about you? What lights you up? Have you put aside your favourite activity because you are questioning whether it's "age appropriate" or not? Have you let the naysayers convince you to put it away? Why?

I'm sharing a little YouTube MOVE video of a barre workout - it's just 20 minutes but it makes me happy. I hope it can do the same for you!

20 minute Barre Fitness Workout

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